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landing003 Radix is a learning management system used by schools, leaders, teachers, students, and parents to improve education. Radix empowers educators and learners to help them unleash their potential. Teachers perform a wide range of activities on the well-designed, easily adaptable platform. The Radix LMS always focuses on student achievement and is constantly being improved to better serve the needs of educators. The Radix LMS began as a cost-sharing project among several charter schools in 2008. A group of principals were puzzled by the fact that there wasn't an affordable and effective tool to manage learning at their schools. They decided to come together and hire developers who could implement the needs of their educators in an open source learning management system.The goal was to have a system where students and teachers could
manage all the learning activities and parents could be fully informed about their children's education in the classroom.

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The Radix LMS is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) conveniently hosted in the cloud, providing you with a reliable platform and saving you the burden of investments in hardware.


Customer Support


We are dedicated to our customers. We always listen to their feedback so that they can get the best results from the Radix LMS.


Meaningful Innovation


We constantly improve our platform based on feedback from our clients and users. Innovation only matters to users if it is meaningful and useful.


Love of Education


The driving motivation of this journey was the passion of educators who started the Radix LMS project.




Our platform was developed by passionate IT professionals with extensive education backgrounds in order to empower schools. We learn from every challenging task and use the experience to better serve our clients.